While rummaging through the jungle of words in the internet for my daily consumption, I stumbled across an interesting quote by RPK,

“…A heart specialist who recently examined me for my chest pains lectured me about my smoking and said that if I wish to live to a ripe old age then I must give up smoking. When I explained that my smoking helps me write, he suggested that in that case I should then give up writing as well. Hmm…giving up smoking may be easier than giving up writing. I suppose I could give up writing if those who walk through the corridors of power will give up screwing up this country and better-manage our economy and development. Then, maybe, I will be able to give up smoking.”

I like it when he said, “giving up smoking may be easier than giving up writing”. And so on. Anyway, he quits making resolution to quit smoking. His new resolution is to keep on saying, “I’m a Malaysian!” Not Malay, not Bugis, not Chinese, not Indian nor Mamak, Jawa, Mendeling or even Minangkabau. I can understand how hard it is when the political heart of Malaysians is close to race and religion. *Sigh*

Good luck!