What is the root word for enjoyable? Is it enjoy? Or is it joy? I remember one time when I was in standard five. An English exam question was asking this question. I put in joy as my answer when everyone else put in enjoy. Suddenly the teachers were disputing among themselves, arguing about what the answer was supposed to be. After a few days the exam results were out. My English teacher called me to the front of my class and said, “Ayyub, for this particular question, I have to give you wrong for an answer. It’s because if I concur, you’ll get a 100%. Let’s just be grateful with a 98%, ok?” Without giving a damn about my scores, I asked her about the real answer to the question and she said, “I really don’t have a clue.”

I was suddenly reminiscing about the event and realized, up until now I don’t know what the answer is!