From BBC World this morning, recent studies in Africa found out that circumcision on heterosexual men can reduce the infection of HIV virus up to 50%. It is said that the foreskin of the penis contain cells that are prone to the transfusion of the virus. At this instant, in the sub-Saharan continent, circumcision is the latest craze. Mothers queued outside local clinics to circumcise their children.

A WHO spokesman, Dr Kevin De Cock (the irony) said that this finding was a “significant scientific advance”. Well, our men from religious convicted families have been doing that since long ago. This is not something new for us Muslims. I questioned the significance of circumcision when I was little. An imam from my local mosque told me that the foreskin of my penis is dirty. “Kulit kamu tu banyak kuman”. It made perfect sense to me now.

It is the school holidays here in Malaysia. Weddings and circumcisions became part of the season’s package. I guess the latter may become the world’s school holiday ritual not long from now.