I remember walking along the sidewalks of Central Market in the middle of the 90s. They were there. Them buskers.

From Wikipedia, “busking is the practice of doing live performances in public places to entertain people, usually to solicit donations and tips. Those engaging in this practice are called buskers.”

So, in conjunction of the so called KL Buskers Festival, I took a drive to Jalan Doraisamy last Friday night. I was told that the Asian Heritage Row was one of its venues. I was having a difficult time to imagine the act of busking at that particular location. When I arrived, I knew that I was definitely right. The main road was blocked, a stage was set-up in the middle of the road and the people there (apart from the buskers) were either drunken males holding Heineken bottles or scantily clad females groping each other. And there were also some kutu parking and a few cops. To me, it was way off course from the true meaning of busking. Luckily, the next day I went to the right place. Central Market. There, I got the chance to see a dude from Colorado performing his original songs followed by Adnan Blues. A Bob Dylandish set with harmonica and bluesy acoustic solos. Words from the streets; Adnan was a legend in Kuala Lumpur’s busking scene, so they say. Unfortunately, Ariff Akhir ruined the set with his rockstar attitude. Sorry Ariff, you’re a hell of a musician, but you’re just not busking material.

So, next time if you have the chance to encounter these buskers, don’t brush them off. Try to listen to what they have to say/sing/do.