People are talking about the film, Cinta. Some say it’s good, some the other way around. I wanted to go see but haven’t got the chance. Maybe the desire was not that high. So, I decided to download the film, if there is any. My expectation; somebody recorded a cinema copy and shared it in the net. Blurry picture with horrible sound and people’s shadows pop up once in a while. I found Cinta’s torrent in some website and started downloading it. Two days later it was completed. I tested the movie file.

To my surprise, it was a master copy leaked out from the company responsible in editing the film. The picture quality was perfect, slightly below DVD quality. The sound was crystal clear. The only thing missing was the end credits. I didn’t know what to feel. Well, I’m kinda pleased that I got an excellent download. But I was feeling rather sad because people in their own industry are ripping themselves off. The cry for stopping piracy was like a shout without a voice. An obliterating inside job.

I haven’t watched the film properly. I’m not Mr “I Got Time” Mohan. But what I can be sure is that, I will despise Sharifah Amani’s acting.