Good old Mr Avaya was back from his ritual deep sea fishing a few days ago. This time it was the Maldives, famous for its blue and yellowfin tuna. He brought back quite a catch. Saved some fillets for me but haven’t had the chance to collect.

Tuna is a very difficult fish, cook-wise, for me at least. It’s not as easy as opening a can of oiled/mayonnaised tuna and spread it on to bread I tell you. Last time Mr Avaya brought back some from the Andaman Sea of Koh Adang. Two large fillets of fresh yellowfins. I tried the simplest of cooking methods, grilling (sashimi tak kira ah!). With just pinches of salt, pepper and a dab of butter, I threw it on to a hot pan. It sticks, it breaks and it became a nasty sight at the kitchen. It was absolutely horrible. What did I do wrong? I’m not going to tell you. If I did, it wouldn’t be a surprise if I had to cook for you one day. The rest of the fillets, I cut it into chunks and masak gulai. Yeah, like the one in your nasi dagang.

After observing Oliver, Bourdain, Lawson, Kwong, Keith Floyd and even the dude with weird hairdo from Surreal Gourmet, minus the fat cook and the surfing duo, I think I’m ready now. Still a bit nervous but I think I can manage. If I fail, there are always leftovers for gulai, masak lemak, kari or even asam pedas. Tomorrow, I’ll go get them fishes.