Something happened today. A minor misunderstanding from long ago that eventually leads to massive aggravation to both individuals involved. I’m one of them. An initiator started it with such graceful naivety. It was hard to maintain my composure after the argument because it was just plain stupid. Maybe I was wrong and for that I am sorry and I mean, literally, I’m sorry. As a result, I may be losing a friend; a person that I once looked up upon for his passion for music and impulsive eccentricity.

Still feeling the heat after work, I called somebody to talk to. A real friend. I kept on talking and talking to this person about what had just happened. He listened with occasional “hmmms” and “oks”. After a while, he interrupted, “You know what, I’m worried about my family back in Segamat right now. They’re experiencing the flood as we speak”.

Again, I said sorry.