Saturday exhausted me. Came the evening, I was nearly worn out. But I have to run some errands before I can call it a day. Azim drove me to a nearby bank in Shah Alam. He parked his car and waited for me with his headlights on and engine running. Nawal text conversed with me as I was doing my stuff. My thumb was still rapidly on the keypad as I was walking back to the car. Finally I put away my phone and opened the door. There was a handbag on the seat. I was thinking, what the hell was Azim doing with his sister’s handbag? I waited for him to put it away before I can get in. It was taking him too long so I decided to take the bag and shove it to the back seat. As I bend down, grabbing the bag, I saw an unfamiliar stiff face with shocked eyes looking directly at mine. There was a pause, a long one. I let go of the bag and said, “Sorry, wrong car”. Thud!

I cleared my throat and walked to the right car. From outside I can see Azim was shaking like crazy inside. I entered the car and mad laughter with occasional snorts was bursting as we drove away. It was hilarity all the way until a few miles along the federal highway. “Was that your friend?” Azim eventually asked with tears of enjoyment running down his cheeks.

As described by Azim, “Dengan muka confident nye, with the ‘I’m always right attitude’, selamba je kau bukak pintu kereta mamat tu!”

Lucky I don’t live in Shah Alam!