The recent (current) internet disruption was far off from the heat. Fingers started pointing. In today’s Utusan, the CEO of Jaring Communications blamed the government for not having alternative gateway route. All I have to say is, in this industry, the inclusion of IT, telco, networking etc, backup and contingency are supposed to be part of the flesh. Accidents tend to happen but rapid recovery should take place almost immediately. Now, the more mouth damning, the slower the recuperation.

Many local (read; Malay) IT (solutions developement) companies promises the sky to customers. Even the sales department’s motto spells “sky is the limit”. Well, common users and respective customers are being cheated straight to the face. The less knowledge customer has the heavier the deception. Systems delivered looked similar to the requirements but at the back-end, complications and predicaments loomed. When customer complained, all is done by sugar-coating the system. Little repair is done. Why? Because we are what we are, irresponsible, indolent, uncooperative and egotistic. Maybe what I’m saying is self-centered, but I know what I see and I’m sick of it. Sampai bila pun takkan maju camnih!

I sensed this trend since my university days. I even made a comparison between under-graduate engineering courses and IT courses. My example is the final year projects. For engineering students, what they do is proving a solution (by doing experiments, tests, data collection etc.) first and then present the findings based on proven facts. With IT students, they talk big first and then when they realized that they can’t deliver what they had promised earlier, they came out with a not so impressive work just to pass the course. Yes, not all are like that, but still, it happens regularly.

As a conclusion, IT is not a distinctive profession. Any decent human being on earth can practice it with or without professionalism. The key element is deep interest. Without it, you better do something else rather than be a bane to others!