Last Monday, on New Year’s Day, I had to run some errands which required me to go to Bangi then Shah Alam and then back to my parent’s home in Ulu Klang. Timing was crucial so I need to do them fast. After about 2 hours, I was back home. The total cost for highway tolls for that mere 2 hours (on the road was just about an hour) which journey covers a little over a quarter of the Klang Valley is RM10.90. It was just not worth it. Still, I’m waiting for other prices to go up. Thank you very much.

Inflation increased for most South East Asian countries. Events such as the Thailand bombings, the freedom of Indonesian Abu Bakar Bashir, Philippine’s failed coup attempt and Malaysian corporate mergers and stake buyouts suspiciously contribute to the slow economic growth throughout the region. Prices of goods are increasing. Petrol fuel prices are expected to increase in Malaysia. Highway tolls etc. What do the people have to say?

When asked, a young adult in Singapore simply answered, “Yes, prices of goods are increasing. Sooner or later we’ll get used to it lah!”

Swinging bowl!