The Eye on Malaysia costs RM30 million according to Adnan Mansor (I neglected the Tengku because I heard the title was made up). Hong Kong press Oriental Daily reported that the cost was really RM43 million. Anyway, it was expected to attract 2 million passengers throughout 2007. Whether the ferris wheel will be a permanent structure after Visit Malaysia Year 2007, I don’t know. If say it would be dismantled after 2007, with RM15 per ride, the business will either lose RM13 million or breakeven. This is not the point of my entry.

Remember Adnan’s brilliant idea of opening entertainment centres/discotheques until 5 in the morning just to provide more pleasure to tourists? I’m sure the majority patrons of such premises will be our local youths. More Malaysian drunks on the street early in the morning. This is also not the point of my entry.

I read an article on the BBC, “Incidents may mar Malaysia’s tourism bid”. It’s about black tourists being harassed by the Royal Malaysian Police just because they’re black. Black oppression in Malaysia? Lucky Zainal Abidin Hassan.

Welcome to Malaysia, people of the world!