The question was about elaborating the massive judicial crisis in the late 80s (up until now?), the removal of the former Lord President, Tun Salleh Abbas and the political reasons behind it, the old man (after a long gasp of lawful denial) replied, “If I put people under detention, they are detained under the ISA – it’s bad law, but it is law. I have never done anything against the law”. Furthermore, “If the people really believe that these laws are bad and want to remove them, then elect people who say these are bad laws. But the people have been electing the same people who support this law. We give people the right to make decision and they think, ‘Well, it’s all right, this law’. They’re not even worried; it’s not even an issue during elections. If you go up there and make a speech against the ISA, you’re not going to win votes, which means that the people support it, indirectly”. (OTE, issue 26)

As always, the people will generally be awarded with the blame. An act of irresponsibility at it’s best. He never said this when he was in power, regardless of the outcome to him or to his country. I will always have my doubt with the old man no matter what good he has done, no matter what good he still fights for, no matter whatever. A cunning fox he is, toying with people’s trust, pressing them down with fear.