I found myself on a bench, reading a publication from the past, in a place where everyone belongs to themselves. Stack of books, chilling, dim but somehow happy. I yawned but kept on reading as if there’s nothing better to do. Anything else means not being at that place, which I prefer not to. Amongst all the people, I could sense a pair of eyes looking at me. I looked up and saw a small boy. He had pleasant eyes. He then walked forth slowly and finally sat down beside me. I continued reading but couldn’t help but to look at this boy’s face again. He was smiling. “Where is your mommy?”


The train was moving on schedule. We walked though the coaches to get to the end, which was supposedly be ours. It was nearing midnight. On our seats, a small girl was lying across trying to get some sleep. Her eyes were hazy, half open. I looked out for other empty seats but alas, none was vacant. I went back to our seats. The small girl was still there, eyes were hazy, half open. “Where’s your mom?”