You’ve been driving a long way, for hours on the North-South highway. The heat was intimidating. You have the urge to urinate, to eat, drink and to smoke. To your advantage, an R&R station, up ahead. So, you took a piss and headed to the stalls. You ordered a bowl of mee rebus, a glass of teh ais and a pack of Marlboros. To your surprise, the total was RM12.92. You gave the cashier a daunting stare. Without any facial expressions, the cashier pointed to the sign on the wall, “All food, beverages and tobacco products will be subjected to 5% government tax starting May 2006”.

First, you have to pay tolls to drive through, then you have to pay taxes to eat, and then next year, toll prices for PLUS will be increased 10%.

You rubbed off the dust on you shoulders, put a smile on your face and thanked god for a wonderful country you live in.