A guy walked into a Malay pirated dvd store to purchase a copy of The Departed. This guy went to the cinema to watch The Departed a few months ago but left after 10 minutes of screening, thanks to the local censorship board.

Anyway, the storekeeper was a kid who was having his lunch of nasi and sambal sotong behind the counter. So the guy went to the dvd catalogs in front of the kid and began browsing. He asked the kid if The Departed was available, the kid replied yes.

He continued browsing until suddenly, the kid snapped his left hand on a page of the catalog. The guy was stunned. Right hand covered with sambal, the kid showed the thumb sign.

The Cutter, Chuck Norris with Bond pose, equipped with a Walther PPK, surrounded by sexy women on the cover. The kid, still with sambal covering his right hand said, “Cerita ni best bang

The guy walked out of the store with The Departed, and only The Departed.

Entry title by Mr Norris himself, one of his twelve personal codes.