I couldn’t care much about some Malaysians, proclaimed Muslims, who took photographs or videos of themselves naked, or having sex, etc. To me, those are just stupid humans with stupid actions. We’ve been fed, day in, day out with this kind of bullshit. Be if from our emails, video messaging or other communication means.

It’s a trend. From Edry and Linda, to the UTM couple, to Wan Norazlin, to the Papa Jahat bitch, to the withdrawal reason of the AF5 contestant, just to name a few. What the fuck is going on? Where is the pleasure in doing these kind of things? Do people get turned on by humiliating themselves? Don’t tell me that it’s for private use because digital media in this digital era can never be private no matter how bad you wanted it to be!

Again I’m saying, usually, I couldn’t care much. But yesterday, as I was copying some work related documents from a colleague’s hard drive, I stumbled across a folder. Inside was a collection of nude pictures of him and his newly wedded wife. What the fuck is wrong with you, you sick fuck! I permanently deleted the folder as an uncontrollable reflex. Let him come to me and ask about it. I can’t get the pictures from out of my head.

Liberating? Fuck no!