Just because they spend 3 times more than other foreign visitors to the country don’t mean that they have to be treated like kings. They are mostly a bunch of big headed fools, with too much money to spend and too proud of their own race. Money from their great grandfathers’ oilfield and bloodline from the people who once lived together with the great prophet.

Western visitors to this country are more humble, even though they usually turn pink from the humidity. They too got money, yet most choose to stay low and maintain the status quo.

Arab nation are far away from unified and not the best example of an advanced nation, yet ‘we’ are still kissing their hairy asses. What are you so embarrassed about, Adnan Mansor? Malaysian taxis are like that. Why take action because of the Arabs? Why not doing it for the sake of your own citizen?

Maybe you can wipe off your red face by doing the belly dance for the Arabs. Hak ptui!