In an old, fictitious kedai kopi in a village in northern Malaysia, Tharmizy was sipping his cup of tea one evening when a man with higher stature in the social hierarchy marched in along with his four bodyguards. Smiles were in this man’s face and so were of his protectors. Pigeons suddenly flew toward the clear blue sky as if they were precisely on John Woo’s queue.

Well I’ll be damned…”, Tharmizy thought. “It’s the Internal Security Minister!

It turns out that there was a political visitation in that particular village. By the way, this minister holds another greater portfolio apart from the one above.

The picture suddenly became unclear, blurry and crooked. The sounds of tape rewind and forward were heard, sound snippets of a poor film editing.

The picture was back to normal. Tharmizy was unexpectedly in a conversation with the minister.

Tharmizy: Is our country at peace?

Minister: Of course!
(Cynical grin on his face)

Tharmizy: Then why is the state of emergency declared on 16th May 1969 haven’t been revoked?

Minister: You have no idea what it’s like to be in power. If you were in my position, would you throw it all away?
(Without any particular reason, the minister’s voice sounded like it’s fading)


The picture once again became unclear, blurry and crooked. The sounds were heard once again, synchronized with the visual.

When the picture was back to normal again, an image of a man wearing a white pagoda t-shirt and shorts was visible. From the walls and the single barred window, you can tell that the place is remote.

Another man was taken away from his family without trial and prosecution. For how long I do not know.