He looked like a nice guy. Maybe he is. He has a good family and close friends that cares so much for him. Maybe I’m not a friend, but I’ve known him for quite a long time. From what I see, he spends most of his time cherishing life, his own perfect world.

Then I sensed wickedness. A solemn realization. At first I thought it was all just accidental feelings, so I discarded them. As time goes by I felt that my mind had betrayed my feelings before. I started to feel pain (maybe it’s not as painful as an heartache, but duh, it’s still painful). So were the people who have less importance to this man. The eye never lies.

When he talks to you, asking you a question, he will not look at you in the eye. As a result, the same question will be asked in other social or even coincidental meetings. The feeling of less importance develops.

*Somewhere in the middle of this story, the man suddenly became the bearer of my bad news*

I started to pull myself away, talk less and stop thinking about him. But his words play around inside my over-populated mind. “You are not as bad as I thought you would be”. The thought of his words makes me hate him more.

Ok, I’ll keep it simple. Maybe he never experienced life with only one shoe.