One lonely night, I said to myself, “If this kind of boredom goes on for another night, I’ll kill myself”. Thank god, about five seconds later, there was a knock on the door. It was Joe. He was bored and wanted to hang out at my place. The pleasure was totally mine. We were laughing when suddenly Joe’s hand phone began to ring. Frown was carved on his face while he mumbled softly on his hand phone. His phone conversation ended with an apparent “ok”.

“Would you like to take a drive with me?” Joe asked. “My girlfriend wants to eat burger”. I looked at my watch. It was 9.30 pm. I said, “Sure, anything as long as not being at home all alone”.

We got into his yellow Satria and began the supposedly short journey. We were 1 kilometer from my house, then 5, then 10. At 15 kilometers I asked Joe, “When are we stopping for burger and where the hell is your girlfriend’s house?” There was a short pause. “Here”, he replied.

It was a decent burger stall in front of a 7-eleven. It was operated by two school leavers. The way they cook the burgers looked like a typical, ordinary stall burger method of cooking. Nothing special. Joe bought two beef burgers. “My girlfriend’s house is at the row behind that row of houses”, Joe said while pointing at a row of houses situated about 40 feet from the burger stall.

“Is she sick?”
“Does she live alone?”
“Is she alone right now?”
“Is she currently having shortage of cash?”

I spend the journey back wondering. Why? Why do I have to experience this kind of situation? Why?

It was a short journey after all. At 10.15 pm, I was back at my home.