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“Kau baru keluar dari hutan ker?”


“Serabai semacam jer”


Just because Pak Lah is getting married this Saturday, doesn’t mean that you can get all moody on me!


It was there, and then it disappeared. I closed my eyes, gave it a rub on both sides, and then it was there again. But then it was just my imagination. When I looked closely, it was really never there, ever.

I text him and told him something about a circle, something about being out among other things.

I text her and said, “What the hell?”

And then there was silence.

“We suffer a lot in our society from loneliness. So much of our life is an attempt to not be lonely: ‘Let’s talk to each other; let’s do things together so we won’t be lonely.’ And yet inevitably, we are really alone in these human forms. We can pretend; we can entertain each other; but that’s about the best we can do. When it comes to the actual experience of life, we’re very much alone; and to expect anyone else to take away our loneliness is asking too much.”

-the misguided Ajahn Sumedho-