She filled her car patio with ornamental plants and flowers. Beautifully exotic, accessorized with wind chimes and a birdhouse. She has a nice lawn with smooth turf and decorative rocks. She has a car. Parked outside her gate since there was no room inside.

My house is next to hers. Three cars, occasionally four. Usually two cars parked in the car patio and the others outside but never in front of anyone else’s gates. One day there was a note on the windscreen wiper of my housemate’s car which was parked outside for the night. “Please park somewhere else”. Obviously it was from the next door neighbour because the car was slightly inside “her” territory. But her gate was far from blocked!

Note aside.

My lawn has a tremendous amount of weed problem. I’ve spend my Saturday mornings for the past 6 months weeding. Eventually, I decided to use herbicide. I bought a canister of herbicide and a small spraying container and started spraying. She got out from her house immediately. Standing by her fence and looked at me squatting. I looked at her but there’s no smile on her face. I continued spraying for 45 minutes. The whole time she was there standing and watching without a sound. When I finished, I cleaned myself up and went inside. So did her. Obviously she was making sure I didn’t spray her precious plants. My God, I’m not an evil person!

Stares aside.

Rumour has it that she was a divorcee. Her ex husband lives somewhere nearby. He has custody of their children. Some times ago, her ex husband’s house was caught in a blaze. The story was, one of their children set the house on fire. But then again, it was all just a rumour.

Even if it’s true, does that justifies her paranoia?