Somewhere in mid 2005.

Yeah, it was on a weekend. We hung out, talking, having drinks. Smoking. Mostly talking about what’s been going on for the past few days, about what’s next. Maybe there were just the two of us, maybe there were more. It’s been a while now since our post-graduation trip to Bali, which was a blast thanks to the two free souls we met by accident at the Ngurah-Rai airport. Anyway, we wanted more.

As I was finishing my cup of coffee, Naza blurted out, “Next year’s the World Cup. Let’s go to Germany!” I was like, yeah. Why not? It should be fun. We may not have football tickets, but we’ll be in Germany during the World Cup dammit! First task, gather money and start planning before the end of the year.

Somewhere at the end of 2005.

Another weekend, at the same spot. It’s been 5 months now. We were talking and drinking. Smoking. Then Naza started, “OK, I have RM7k now. I think that should be enough. How bout you?” I have around RM6k. It’s been 5 months of ass busting, working late hours for the allowance, tipu claim and what not. The only thing yet to do was collecting my old debts. Come December, it should add up another RM1.5k to my total. Hooray! I ordered another cup of Hai Peng. Things were looking pretty good at that moment.

A month later.

Same old, same old. Before anything else, Naza said, “Ayyub, I have to withdraw from our plan. I want to get married next June and I’m using the money for my hantaran.” What? Get married? You don’t even have a girlfriend!


Naza misses his month old son so he’s canceling tennis tomorrow. Balik kampung jumpa anak bini!