Creating reasons. Reason’s to see through the mirror and see the reflection of life. Sunshine, green trees, a gush of blood and money. Ah, a wonderful life. My life. Not yours. Never ours.

On doing the unnecessary, I am the obligation. I am the reason. Maybe I should finish Hari Kunzru’s Bharat influenced Transmission. Or maybe I should untangle the linguistic part of my mind from Irvine Welsh’s Porno. Maybe I should just go to sleep and wake up early. Cook breakfast and earn some money.

There are better things to do they say. Important things to others are not necessarily important to me. Important things to me, I would like to share with others. I am selfish. The selfishness that distinguish me from others. You and me. Yes, we are all in denial.

A mystery. Some resolve it on toilet seats, some wore glasses to delay the answers. Look smart, act like a moron. At the end we are all alone, trying too hard to unearth the mystery of life.