In the world of Alejandro Agresti, everything is symmetrical and perfect. I have never seen windows and bricks coexist in the same way before. In a clear blue sky I would weep. Alas, fiction as it is, real life bears contentment with all its impurities and sins.

Again comes the season where my mother would tell me stories about the past. The kind of materials that influenced Rashid Sibir in his works. Yes akak-akak and makcik-makcik, cry your hearts out. After all it’s Raya and Astro Ria is the channel to watch. Kan?

I never knew that my mother’s family loved Azwan Ali so much when he was a small boy. I can remember however the young and masculine Azwan asking me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I remember him giving me RM10 for duit raya. That was 20 years ago. Way back before his glam era, before the times of sexual confusion that somehow is eating up many of the people I know. Well, after all, it’s just another *sappy* Raya story.

At the end, forgiveness empowers the heart. At least that’s what I believe.