This entry is in regards of dA’s recent entry.

A few weeks ago, during Ramadhan, me, Jim, Lam and Buk were having drinks at Swenson’s Subang. Obviously it was at night. Topic of conversation was polygamy. Some supports, some not. We all agree that polygamy is allowed in Islam. Jim heated up the conversation by saying that in these times, it is almost impossible to find fairness in men. I refuse to oppose something that is permitted by my religion, my belief. Well, like AJ said, polygamy is way better than illicit affairs. We argued.

Suddenly Buk said, “Aku tak paham kenapa orang luar kecoh sangat pasal isu poligami”

We looked at each other in silence. What was he saying?

Buk continued, “Orang Kelantan tak kecoh pun pasal poligami. Kita orang hidup aman damai jer”

Realizing that I’m from KL, Jim was from Shah Alam, and we were in Subang at that moment, we beat Buk up, chopped him to pieces and feed his remains to the dogs.

No. I didn’t do those things but just imagine the cheeks Buk have by labeling us as orang luar at our own turf. Damn. To date, that was the rudest thing anybody had ever said to me, I think.