Judy was brought up
in a house full of dreams
Judy was taught not
to cry out in vain

Judy believed that
she was better in fact
And she deserves another
pat on the back

Judy was make to believe
that all they say was real
And what we say wasn’t
such a big deal

Judy was being judgmental
Judy looked so gentle
Judy said, “You are so little”
“… and I see you as being brittle”

Judy, how I am disgruntled
I thought you were being subtle
A sudden blow which is fatal
Oh Judy, you are being critical

Judy lived merrily
without a care in the world
Everyone around her
seems to “understands” the girl

One day, under gloom pale sun
Judy sat alone, and alone for a long while
cogitating and finally realize
how it really feels to cry

(4:49:01 PM, 17-Oct-2005)