A question that played inside my mind for so long; how does an artist feels when his or her artistic works are being misinterpreted? It was not until a few months back (a year perhaps) did I get a satisfying answer. Pak Usop the painter told me that Latif Mohidin once told him, “An observer’s point of view on other people’s writings or even paintings are art forms by itself. Sure, an artist produces an artwork but it will spawn more works of arts each time a person interpreted it in his or her own way. Hell, copy my poem and write it exactly the way it is in a situation you deem necessary, it’s then your own work of art.”


A sudden bark of tone broke the silence of the night. It was a friend. “Buat apa kau baca Tagore? Bukannya kau paham pun apa yang mamat Bengali tu cakap.” I smiled and kept myself in silence.