When I read it a few years ago, I just swallowed the words and let my imaginations play. But when I watched the film version yesterday, I started thinking, where did Hosseini gets his depiction of the Taliban government? I’m pretty sure not from his own experience. My guess is from the overplayed, stereotypical western media sources. He fled Afghanistan in his early teens, never to return. Not after his novel became a bestseller more than 2 decades later. He escaped it all. I just call it unfair. Apart from that, I can still say that it’s a good film.

But there’s something else better. The story of Christopher McCandless, an idealist who defied the world of conspicuous consumption. Maybe I’m being bias because Vedder did the score. Or maybe because Hirsch’s character jotted down, “Happiness is only real when shared” in the film. Or maybe in its simplicity, the film offered certain levels of deepness.

Whichever way, it was a great film day for me.