On his deathbed, the old man used much of his leftover strength to look around for his son. He then asked people around for his son’s whereabouts. The son never showed up. Old man then died.


Ever since he was little, the son was the centre of the old man’s attention. His two little sisters were not so impressed but later understood the fact that he was the only son. When the son got accepted to the Royal Military College, the old man was so proud and bragged to others. “Next best thing to Sandhurst where I came from!” he used to say.

During school breaks, the son came back and implemented his ragging regime to his sisters. As usual in front of the old man, he was an angel. An angel mimicking his father’s military footsteps. Too bad for the sisters, they were not just army brats, but army brats with a junior army jerk.

After graduating RMC, the old man sent the son to further his studies in Liverpool. After a year, the son came back for his first holiday home. To his surprise, the old man had bought a brand new Ford Escort MK2 for him. “This is for you to drive around KL with your friends during the holidays” the old man justified his gift. The sisters were not intimidated that much. To them, their lives were not that bad. They still got the small slices of the old man’s riches. So why complaint?

In his final years in Liverpool, the son made a phone call back home. He told his parents that he was already married and his wife had just given birth to a baby boy. The old man was shocked. “How could he not have told us earlier?” the old man said to his wife. Two days later the couple boarded a plane to Heathrow.

That was when they first met the son’s wife.


25 years later.

The son came to the old man’s house. He brought with him his two eldest sons. From the expressions on their faces, they were not happy. Before the old man could greet his beloved heirs, both his grandchildren scolded, “You and grandmother are unfair people! You always favoured our aunts and their children! And you gave us only the leftovers from what you have given to them! What will happen to your wealth when you die? We demand what is ours!

The old man and his wife were dumbfounded. They could not even interrupt their own grandchildren. The son just stood there and watched as the confrontation heated. Most of the times there were smiles on his face.

One will get what one deserves. I promise you all that it will be fair” that was what old man had to say.

The son and the grandchildren left and never returned. Tears were falling from the old man’s eyes while he grasped tightly his wife’s hand. He then spend most of his times sitting down, looking into oblivion through the remains of his days.

After three years, he finally said to his wife and his two daughters, “My son is a good boy. I know he is still my good boy. For that I’m telling you now that I have forgiven him long ago


A week after his death, a lawyer came to the old man’s house (Sulaiman Akhlaken?). The wife and the two daughters were already there. Not long after, the son came following three years of absence. The lawyer started, “A month before he died, the old man came to see me and renewed his will. It is simple enough; all of the old man’s wealth is divided equally to both daughters. That’s all.

And then there was silence.