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Mother was tired and not feeling very well after her trip with father to Kuala Kangsar. She was in her sweater and lying on the couch when I last checked in. So, I decided to go out and find us some food for lunch.

When I got back, there was this peculiar stench coming from the kitchen. Mother and father was at the bar table eating something. They were clearly enjoying themselves. Mother saw me and said, “Do join us. After all, these are all your Bombay ducks”.

I just stood there for a few seconds, thinking. I remembered now. I bought them. I bought them for someone actually. And I gave half to mother. I forgot about them, never even tasted them after I bought them. Now, because of all the memories are coming back into my thick skull, I felt like I’m about to burst into tears. But obviously I didn’t.

I sat down and join my parents.

And it’s actually fish.


It really is! Nevermind the altered wiki link!