I remember sharing the elevator with a cute middle aged gay couple on New Year’s Eve approximately one year ago (picture Sir Ian McKellen and Ismail Merchant; picture also the former as a Caucasian butch on dialysis). We had a nice conversation up to the 7th floor at one of Sunway Sutera’s apartment blocks. The conversation ended with the Indian referring me as a nice young man.

Earlier that evening, Sailam called me at work, inviting me to have dinner with his wife in his new apartment. “Nini’s preparing spaghetti bolognaise”, he said.

We had dinner and later watched Layer Cake before planning to watch the fireworks from the balcony. Just before the stroke of midnight, the gay Indian from earlier knocked on Sailam’s unit and invited us to watch the fireworks from his apartment’s balcony for better view. I think I noticed a large, pink dildo in his living room on my way to his balcony. Or maybe it was just a weird looking flashlight?


Two days ago, I was at the office when everybody else had taken the day off. Not much work to be done that day and I was most of the time napping. It was at about 5pm when my phone rang, Azam was on the line.

“Come over to my place for dinner. Aifa’s preparing spaghetti bolognaise”, he said.

We had dinner in Azam’s new apartment in Shah Alam and later watched 2012 before watching the fireworks from the balcony.

This time, my mind had the pleasure of not having to picture any kinky gay related stuff during New Year’s Eve.

And what is it with spaghetti bolognaise and new apartments during New Year’s Eve?

Maybe it’s just me.