John Lithgow. Once, the alien leader, Lord Whorfin took over his insane mind and brought evil to this world. Buckaroo Banzai had to battle him in order to save the earth. That was back in 1984. Even Sly had to go through a perilous rescue mission initiated by Lithgow in Cliffhanger. And who would ever forget the obnoxious High Commander Dick Solomon in 3rd Rock From The Sun? It was all John. John, John, John!

Well, that was the actor. Now, there was a colleague of mine with the same chin as John Lithgow. You know what I mean. A kind of a flat face with an obvious protruding chin. I know you know what I mean.

Anyway, unlike the characters played by Lithgow the actor, this guy was a nice person. I don’t know whether he being nice had anything to do with him being new in the office. Everyone seemed to like hanging out with this guy. There were times when he even helped out others in their tasks, although it has nothing to do with him. Come lunch break, people waited for him to have lunch together. And don’t mention about ciggie breaks, he’s always there in the back staircase with different people at different times. The best part was, he talked shit about our boss just as good as us!

In my head, brain-washed by Hollywood’s mind control conspiracy theories, John Lithgow is evil. The same goes to everybody with the same chin!

I fucking hate that guy.