Jim called his five year old nephew, Sin Chan. Yes, just like that silly, perverted Japanese cartoon character. The reason was simply (and unfortunately) because of their hilarious physical likeness. Sin Chan was the only child of Jim’s eldest sister. He’s also the only grandchild of Jim’s parents. Sin Chan spent most of his time, since his early years with his retired grandparents; by far, a healthier substitute of a children day care centre.

Now, since Jim was still a thirty year old virgin living in his parents’ basement, he and his sole nephew was quite close, really close actually. Jim would regularly buy toys (read: cheap, modern uninteresting toys) for Sin Chan for no reasons, played PlayStation 2 together in the weekends in Jim’s basement room or even taking Sin Chan out for ice creams. They spent a huge amount of time together. He really loved that kid. At the same time, Jim was extremely strict with Sin Chan when it comes to discipline. It eventually developed a kind of fearful respect within Sin Chan towards his uncle.

Meanwhile, in a far, almost hidden corner of Jim’s basement room, stood a fake, wooden antique cabinet filled with Jim’s toys from his childhood years. In a way, it’s more like a display of 80’s toy memorabilia collection. From Star Wars’ X-Wing & the Millennium Falcon, to MASK’s Raven, Condor, Jackhammer & Piranha, to Transformers’ diecast Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus & Soundwave to Starcom’s Starmax Bomber & Shadow Bat Battle Cruiser and so much more (I felt like a fucking geek loser by saying/typing all those ridiculous names). So, like a usual nerd with no girlfriends, Jim was over-protective over his toy collections. The fake, wooden antique cabinet area was a restricted area even for Jim’s parents, what more his five year old nephew that looked like a silly, perverted Japanese cartoon character.

Naturally, every time Sin Chan was in his uncle’s room, he had his eyes on the contents of the fake, wooden antique cabinet in Jim’s basement room. Obviously, he was too scared to even look directly at the cabinet in the presence of Jim. To ask politely for permission to play with the classic toys? No chance in hell! Sin Chan kept the lusty desire to himself.

One fine weekend, Jim was playing Playstation 2 with Sin Chan in his basement room. After a couple of hours in front of the TV, five year old Sin Chan looked up directly at his uncle and innocently said, “Uncle Jim, if you die, can I have your room?”