It was said that one day, the great Ki Ageng Sela, the mighty lightning catcher of Mataram was carrying his prince on his shoulders in his courtyard. Apart from wearing only his cindai cloth, he did not forget to tuck his waranka ladrang, a Javanese blade on his sides.

That was when he encountered a man who runs amok breaking through the gates of his courtyard. The man was waving a machete while running directly towards him. It was not a problem at all for the great Ki Ageng Sela to confront the man, even with his prince on his shoulders. Within seconds, the man was lying in his own pool of blood with a waranka ladrang neatly embedded in his chest.

But in the process, Ki Ageng Sela tripped his legs on a pumpkin plant. In the event of falling down, Ki Ageng Sela with his reputation of being the conqueror of Mataram, Surakarta and Yogyakarta managed to stab the amok man. What he did not manage was to save his cindai cloth from dropping down to the ground.

There he was, lying stark naked beside the man he had just killed. The conqueror of Mataram, Surakarta and Yogyakarta.

He quickly picked up his prince, who was pretty much in vague of what had just happened, and ran towards his residence in embarrassment.

Along the way, the great Ki Ageng Sela, the mighty lightning catcher of Mataram, uttered cursing words of forbidding his male descendents to plant pumpkins while wearing cindai cloth.

“Oleh peristiwa tersebut maka Ki Ageng Sela menjatuhkan umpatan, bahwa anak turunnya dilarang menanam waluh di halaman rumah memakai kain cinde”.