When I was little, there was this rich aunt of mine who always gave me and my siblings RM100 for Hari Raya. For other people, maybe this rich aunt can also be a rich uncle, a rich grandmother or a rich grandfather. If you don’t have this kind of aunt in your family, your childhood must have been sucks. Anyway, the anticipation to celebrate Hari Raya with this particular aunt was because of the prospect of receiving money from her. My parents were not poor. But they don’t give away RM100 for no reasons to their children. They provide me with a roof for shelter, clothes to wear, food on the table, education, healthcare, entertainment et cetera, et cetera like all parents do. If I did well in school, maybe I’ll receive a sum of money from my parents (rarely). Usually it’ll be just a nice dinner or a vacation trip somewhere (in reality, it’s just following my dad on an outstation working trip). But I love my parents more than I love my rich aunt.

Now back to the story of my aunt. Regardless if I’m a good boy or an asshole, I would receive RM100 as long as it was Hari Raya and as long as I was still a kid. So, what do children do when they get RM100? Do they save it in ASB? SSPN? Fixed deposit? Unit trusts investments? Hell no! They would spend it on shitty stuff. Usually on toys that are often forgotten after two or three months. Even those toys can be bought by my parents if I keep on pestering them religiously. My point is, relatively it doesn’t make any difference in receiving RM100 once a year from my rich aunt. No, it has nothing to do with ungratefulness. I said thank you every time I receive the money. And I mean it.

Then came the issue of eligibility. When puberty strikes, where hair started to grow frantically all over my body and dried acne craters sit on my face, the funding stops. I was no longer a kid. I was no longer adorable. Even other family members who are not rich would not give me even RM2 for Hari Raya. It stopped just like that. And the thing was, nothing really changed. Relatively, it doesn’t affect anything in my life. My place in the societal hierarchy didn’t change at all. Not when I receive, nor when I didn’t.




Now, have you ever heard of BR1M?

It’s pretty much the same story right?