Since the recent years, reading the local news was an apathetical routine. And yet, like a zombiefied carcass, I did it anyways. Just to maintain my reputation as an insightful person in the eyes of my peers and to meet the expectations of our ailing society.

From the naked eyes perspective, no one in the regime is taking matters earnestly. Holes are being covered with soil dug from larger holes and the process continues without guilt. Monkeys are out of their cages, throwing feces at will, while zoo goers are locked behind cages with a rotten banana each, coupled with muddy water in rusty pails. Our so-called dwellings are no longer tranquil. I’m not saying that it was in the previous age, but the idea, hope and will are there to keep its inhabitants motivated.

So what do we have to do?

Do what we have been doing for the last thousands of years, survive!