Help! They are everywhere.

Do I play the BPL Fantasy Football league? Wait, before that, let me rewind a decade or so. I don’t play Eidos’ Championship Manager series. Subsequently after the split, I also don’t play Sports Interactive’s Football Manager series. So, go figure.

Nothing against those games or the people who play the games/apps or whatever you may call it nowadays. But personally, if I were to play the fantasy football game, considering I’m already rooting for a specific team, I will feel extreme conflict. Rivalries between the Yids, Scum, the Rentboys and the Bin Dipping Wall-Pushing Mugsmashers (to name a few in its derogatory form) lost its intensity. Apart from the actual football, the fun slowly died. Every player on form is an asset or a target, regardless of which team he comes from. Be it from a closest league position rivals of your favourite team, or a local derby rivals of your favourite team, or to put it plainly, from a team you just fucking hate. I just can’t stand it. BPL football fans have lost their sense of ruthlessness.


In actual fact, I just hate it when hanging out with friends, 70% of the time will be accommodated for fantasy football discussions. We usually hang out on Friday nights, so, again, go figure.

I’m being left out! You sissies!

Malaysian football is a different horror story altogether. Maybe, it’ll be discussed later.