Hi there, wanna go for a ride?

Bujang Lapok was released in 1957 and was the film that kicked-off the Bujang Lapok movie quartet. In the movie, Aziz Satar’s character was a lorry driver who rented a room together with his friends, Ramlee and Sudin, and the story goes on. But, look closely at one of the scenes. Notice the lorry Aziz was driving? Compare it with the picture above. Well, it may not be exactly the same, but it’s similar. Immediately you can assume that both vehicles come from the same generation. Maybe with a gap of 10 years, maximum (and I’m being generous here).

My point is, that type of lorry is still operational nationwide, 50 plus years later. It’s everywhere. With wooden doors, wooden cab-protector (headache rack), rusty exhaust stacks that’s puffing black smog, exposed rear axel, clouded break lamps and headlights. Hell, there’s no third break light for that matter! If one of these lorries break down in MRR2, all hell will break loose. A decent, frustrating day on the road will turn into an apocalypse. And it happens week in, week out.

So, although the proposal has been retracted (or delayed, or whatever crazy bullshit that comes out from the regime’s mouth), examples should be made by eliminating these ancient and hazardous relics first. If someone from JPJ, SPAD or Puspakom ever to read this post, I bet they will produce official, lengthy, circulars or directions stating the disownment of these vehicles on the eyes of their respective agencies (or maybe there’s no such thing). But these hideous piece of automobiles are still roaming freely on our roads, waiting to scratch the sides of our cars during a bottleneck, breaking down in the middle of an uphill climb, blocking motorists on fast lanes, etcetera and etcetera. Like lori hantus haunting us, the regular insolent road users of Malaysia.

Just forget completely about the abolishment of all 12 year old vehicles. Do this instead. Eliminate Aziz’s lorries from the face of the earth. Enforce the elimination! You can do it oh “mister big-shots in the heritage regime”. I know you can.

But wait, I forgot. As per usual, you misplaced your will power again.

Ok. And as per usual, we accept your excuse, again.