Come to think about it, as far as I’m concerned, Sikhs that I encountered in my lifetime are all good people. Hell, I can safely say that they’re the most successful people in this country. Career wise, they are your doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, national hockey players, tv newscasters, etcetera and etcetera. You name it, they’re in it, and doing a bloody good job at it. Basically, they are excelling in every profession that your mom and dad told you to be when you are small. Although, back in the day, mom and dad have a very limited vocabulary when it comes to future professions for their children.

The Sikh youths are in no way contributing to the social malfunction of our society. They don’t do drugs. They don’t dump babies. They don’t involve themselves in gangs. They don’t gang-rape school girls. Have you ever seen a Sikh teenager skipping school and loafing around shopping malls, being an insolent nuisance?

When you read the papers, Sikhs don’t swindle money. They’re not involved in corporate or political scandals (none as far as I can remember, I don’t read the newspaper that much though). You can never see a Sikh hobo/drifter/beggar. They are just nice, hardworking people. P. Ramlee acknowledged my point in his movie, Seniman Bujang Lapok (1961). Mr. Singh the film studio security guard was an honest, polite human being with a high level of integrity. The Sikh character acts as a proponent, or a bond in a multiracial civilization.

But wait, I’m talking about the turban wearing Sikhs. The moment they disregard their turban and neglecting their Kesh, Kanga and Kara, they are just as impudent as the rest of us.

*Somebody eventually asked me about the relevance between the title and the content of this entry. She said that I was just trying to have an eye catching, lame pun. Well, in a way yes, but truthfully, Sikhs are low profile people. They seldom expose themselves in the limelight, hiding away from the sinful mainstream. Maybe it’s because of them being a minority or maybe not. It’s just what they do best, lay low and be a Sikh!