After a lengthy vacation, it was always a pain in the ass to drag yourself up for work on the first day. Jetlagged, drowsy and disheartened, I just had to force myself to go to work. The usual 45 minutes drive seemed like hours. On a cloudy Monday morning, it would appear that it was going to be a bad and grumpy day.

Upon arriving, I just realized that I don’t have enough coins to pay for my parking at the “coins only” parking payment machine. In my coin box, there were only 70 cents. See, I told you that it was going to be a bad day.

Well, fuck it.  If I only have 70 cents, then 70 cents was what I was going to pay. I’m not in the mood to change for coins at the nearby shops. 70 cents will buy me about an hour and a half of parking time and I really hope that DBKL was lazy enough to do their job that day, or at least acknowledge my effort to even bother to (under) pay for my parking (unlike other “inconsiderate” people in TTDI).

I parked my car and went to the nearest parking payment machine. I keyed in my car number and slotted in a 20 cents coin. Nothing happened. Then I realized, at the receipt dispenser slot, crumpled receipt paper were half way hanging from its mouth. Darn! The machine was probably broken. If it swallowed my 20 cents, I only have exactly one hour of valid parking. I tried pulling the hanging piece of paper from the machine. It was stuck. Confirmed broken piece of junk machine!

I pressed the “cancel” button. And hey, like hitting jackpot at a slot machine in a Las Vegas casino, coins began raining through the balance dispenser. I had to put my hands below the dispenser to accommodate the overflowing flow of coins.

A lady was driving slowly, passing by the machine. She witnessed me struggling to keep the coins from falling to the ground. I looked at her and assumed that she was jealous of me. Maybe in reality she was thinking that I looked like a silly, pathetic man.

I ended up with RM8.40 worth of coins, on top of my previous 70 cents. I went to the next working parking payment machine and paid my parking fee, valid until the end of the day.

It was a good start to my day after all.