When the guys and I were walking down Jalan KH Wahid Hasyim on the eve of Chinese New Year this year, I decided to stop by a roadside stall to eat Bakmie. I like Bakmie. The guys weren’t very pleased. But earlier, after minutes of, “mana-mana” & “aku tak kisah makan dekat mana”, which was going nowhere, I needed to do something to not end up eating at an air-conditioned Garuda Nasi Padang outlet.

Their faces were gloomy while savouring bowls of Bakmie and Bakso Sapi, under the generator-set powered fluorescent light and on mouldy wooden stools and table. I know, it’s the hygiene thingy that made their expressions very melancholy that night. But I needed to do these kind of things, at least once while in a nomadic mode. Otherwise, it’s not worthwhile in my books. Sorry guys.

Anyways, I ended up finishing up 2 of the guys’ Bakmie. I guess they just couldn’t swallow it.


A couple of days later, we eventually ended up at a Garuda Nasi Padang outlet, also along Jalan KH Wahid Hasyim. I smirked when the waiter said, “Sekarang waktu libur di Malaysia ya pak? Dua tiga hari ni, konsumen kami 80% orang Malaysia”.

Yeah, I know. Right?