During my lifetime, when snail mails were on the pinnacle of its existence, I loathed at those who do write. Especially to those who ONLY wrote to recipients at the all-girls boarding school across town.

When the time came and writing letters were no longer trendy, I started writing it (Well, I do actually write snail mails back in the day, but to local punk bands for their demotapes and underground editors for their fanzines. But that’s a different story).

I eventually started to do casual snail mail writing, or postcards for that matter, but I guess I was a generation too late. It’s even impossible to find postal stamps other than from the post offices nowadays. Back in the day, you can obtain it from almost anywhere.

Yeah, time changed. But I still lividly hope for its revival. Nah, maybe not.


Thanks sweets for your comment section that made this entry possible.