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Jim was having a conversation with his friend, AJ. It was kind of a heated conversation but Jim’s facial expression and emotions were not livid at all, mostly confused. AJ on the other hand, was fuming in making a point for the whole world to understand.

“Listen AJ, you are not gay. As far as I’m concerned, you are straight. Just like me. Just like most of us in this world”, Jim tried to explain. “No! I am gay! I’m in love with Saiful. He’s the man of my dreams. He’s beautiful. He’s gentle. He’s soft. My perfect softy and he’s in love with me too”, AJ detailed further.

Jim was in jam. He thought that the simplest of things has become more complex than to explain to people about Malaysia’s current political situation. Jim was convinced that AJ was not gay. Fullstop!

“You don’t understand. I am gay. I want to be gay. I want the world to know that I’m gay. Is that really hard for you to digest?”, AJ continued. “Whatever lah Jenab!”, Jim gave up arguing and walked away.


AJ is an acronym for “Aku Jenab”, which obviously stating that AJ’s real name is Jenab or Zainab, a girl. But yeah, AJ is also a pengkid, and her conviction is that she’s a male.