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Realizing that the moon wasn’t so blue
Upon wondering how the trees grew
Point of existence, I wish I knew
Acquaintances fleeing for the brand new

Being told repeatedly, it was a boisterous beast
In truth, a timorous mouse strangled in cheese
An embarrassing individual facing humanity
When a happy ending disguised as a tragedy

Looking at those who constantly wished
For an endless occurrences of being pleased
Well, a heartily try to make it a day
Alas, each desire helplessly blown away

My friend let me put my arms around your back
Helping you condone the things they neglect
When things are perfectly in three
Four to five weren’t making it easy

We will let them be
We will set them free
Like they used to be
Well, most likely…

(5:42:07 PM, 4-Nov-2005)

Author’s note: Experiencing something new. Acceptance and rejection are so familiar that one cannot tell which one is which.

Keeping busy, doing this and that so the current moment, like the moments before will just be a moment I’ll soon forget.