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It was from a long correspondence between myself and a friend of a friend whom I never met. Or did I?


“… but the relationship between the girl and I was like a car and a spare tyre. I was kept around by her and only used when needed to. She coupled with at least 2 other guys and told me everything about them but at the same time unwilling to let me go. Every time she broke up with a guy, I was the first person she wanted to meet.

I loved her. Ultimately, on 10th January 2009, she asked me out on a date and wanted to clarify everything (she was single at the time). She even wanted to discuss about her plans for our future. “Our” future! I was happy to hear that. But apparently during the date, my mind was elsewhere. All I could only see was her mouth moving, but heard not even a word she’s saying. I was thinking about the past 5 years of knowing her and all the things that she did to me, things that made me really, really sad…”


What kind of a pathetic loser I was!

And I’m still laughing at myself.