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Disregarding mental casualties,

Ignoring the word “humanity”,

Profiting for eternity,

We’re living at the door.

Building knock-off aristocracies,

Afflicting the majority,

Killing off the good-worthy,

We’re abetting to the woes.

Participate in this tragedy!

Self-inflicting calamity!

Embracing noble lunacy!

Oh, we’re all heroes…

“I have no cash on me. Can I order a plate of Nasi Kandar? It’s been 3 days since I’ve last eaten.”

Those words have awaken me from the pretence of life that I have been living in. There are real people with real issues here, and since these kind of things are so isolated from our normal lives, we tend to brush it off, assuming that it’s all just stuff we see in the movies.

Whoever would expect that my emergency piss-stop at a local mamak joint during a daily traffic-laden drive home from work can be a significant turning point for me in appreciating life and everything in it? Coincidence can be bitterly momentous sometimes.

A former rockstar, a cool dude and a dear friend which I got to know more than 20 years ago was crumbling down gradually in front of me while he was savouring his first real meal in 3 days. We both knew that what I was about to say to him were the same things repeated by plentiful of people around him that really cared. Yet, I said it anyways.

Yes, I did gave him some cash for some naïve reason that people should not be deprived from food, especially if that particular person is a friend. I really hoped that my gesture can somehow be “THE” trigger for change.

Dire, but let’s not lose hope.

It’s fading… the solitary candle on the mantelpiece of broken dreams inside our minds.

As we… living the life that’s written by the legislators, party leaders down into the ground.

When we were young we dreamt about a gratified and blissful essence with the ones we love.

Now all grown up, a cynic seeking justice in this world and a decent piece of advice…


An artificial compensation, dragging us throughout the unsuspecting plight.

Longing… for a revolution orchestrated by the people, for the people who share this common fight.

When it will come? The dreams about a gratified and blissful life we fantasized about.

Until we die we can only hope that we’ll meet again, way up high above in paradise.